John Sengdalaphet is an artistic professional with a passion for graphic design and illustration. He grew up drawing for friends and family and desiring to create his own video game, comic book, and characters. He pursued game design at a technical college though decided to pursue graphic design instead after developing interest. During attendance, he offered his design services to nonprofits and smaller businesses in order to build his career and portfolio. In 2014, He attended the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in hopes of expanding his knowledge in graphic design and in extension, web design and photography. With a strong affinity to drawing and art, John decides to incorporate his illustration skills to his graphic design work to create original and personable content for his clients. His experience lies strongly in print design and has extended to digital design including social media content, videography, motion graphics, and digital ads. John officiated his freelance as a full business pursuit in 2018 while working on his comic book, Scarred Journals on the side. 
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