Grafton K9 Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit organization with a mission of providing law enforcement K9s to the Village of Grafton through community support.
The Grafton Police Department want to raise funds to provide law enforcement K9s with the community's help and requested a clean, professional identity. Having worked with the Grafton Police Department on other projects, I understood the magnitude of support they receive from the community of Grafton, Wisconsin and what the core values of both the department and the community consist of. 
A clean and sleek design, I needed to connect the relationship between the police department and the community. I researched colors of local school mascots and felt the colors of Grafton High School is well-suited...and they are across the street from each other. Since the focus is on funding for K9s, I want to implement a illustration of a K9 in the logo and what better way then stylizing the pup in a shape idealized as a "G"? The star is alluding to rank within law enforcement forces but I want it to represent the start of the K9's career. 

Final Logo Design
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