Visionary League is an organization that connects diverse talent in the tech and creative industries to foster opportunities and highlight issues in a effort to impact change related to Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in workplaces across Southeastern Wisconsin. 
The Visionary League has worked to establish themselves and are looking to expand their vision. Their cause has aligned with my values as a designer of ethnic. The league's goals are to create opportunities for minorities and women who are impacted by either the lack of equality in the workplace or not given an opportunity based on bias. They needed someone who can make their website reflect their mission while also stand out as unique among other Diversity & lnclusion competition. 
The website originally didn't have a much of an introduction to help them stand out. My idea when designing was to implement a video to start off as splash that will introduce them. As the viewer scrolls down, they can take a look at the mission, upcoming or past events, partners and sponsors, and how to get involved. The website is currently updating while live as the league is slowly growing to provide more services, upcoming events, and membership. I also make sure that the site is consistent through desktop, mobile, and tablet use. 
Web Design (Desktop and Mobile Function)
E-Blast Design Sample
Photography of Women, Wine + Tech 3.0 Event
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